Alexandra, age 

"When I first started to take the bio-identical hormones I was feeling somewhat dubious about how just a cream could have much effect on how low my mood had been over such a long period of time. After 1 month I can't believe what a huge difference the cream has made twice per day, I feel alive and happy. It wasn't until I began to feel my old self that I realised what a dark and uncertain time I have had over the period of almost 1 year. I feel "normal" again, not exhausted all the time and can get back to leading a normal life. My Partner has told me he recognizes this person again and that my sense of humor has returned too! I can not recommend speaking to Emma and exploring your options highly enough if you want to get on with leading your normal life without being limited by the hormonal change happening in your body. Thank You Emma, i wish I had come to you sooner!"

Rachel, age 51

Before I came to see Dr Morgan, I suffered from extreme anxiety, insomnia
and general feeling of feeling lost and low. I went to visit my GP several
times who kept advising me to start taking anti anxiety and anti depression
medication, which I was relectunt to take. . Considering my age, I
knew it had to be something to do with the menopause. I found Dr Morgan on
the Internet and decided to make an appointment. She listened to my symptoms
and gave me constructive advice.
She prescribed the bio identical hormones and I started to feel better
within a week - I could feel the difference within myself. Before seeing Dr
Morgan, I was nervous about travelling abroad for a wedding; although I had
booked the tickets and I was due to travel in a couple of weeks. By the time
the date of the trip came round, I  had been taking the hormones for a
couple of weeks and started looking forward to the trip and thoroughly
enjoyed it without any anxiety etc.
Dr Morgan listens and is very knowledgeable in this field. 
If you are feeling the way I was and have found that the NHS does not
provide the treatment, I would really recommend seeing Dr Morgan and taking
control of these symptoms - life is too short to feel the way I was.