treatment Schedule

The importance of a treatment schedule

The aim of a treatment schedule is to establish a full understanding of your symptoms and create/manage an individualised programme to help balance your body's hormones.

Personalised consultations

I prefer to carry out meetings face to face at a private clinic, however due to the current pandemic I am currently doing consultations online and then arranging a blood test at the clinic at a later date if indicated. 

Preparation prior to consultation

Once you have got in contact then I will ask about your current symptoms to determine if an initial consultation is likely to be of benefit to you.




(approx 1 hr)

A medical history and full review of your symptoms


Discussion of likely diagnosis including management options available both on the NHS and privately


Create an individualised programme to include the prescription of body-identical hormones as well as lifestyle and dietary advice





(approx 30 mins)

Further reviews will be arranged as needed until we optimise your hormone balance, initially at six weeks and three months.  


Once symptoms are controlled, reviews will take place at 6 month intervals



Hormone Testing

  • There are various blood profiles required depending upon your symptoms: 

    • Full Female Hormone Profile - from £196

    • Hormone Profile Lite - from £60

  • Blood tests are not always indicated but will be discussed as a option during the consultation depending on your symptoms. 

  • Hormone blood tests may be required at follow up to help monitor hormone levels.



Following my assessment we will discuss management options which will include NHS and private prescription options for you to consider. For private prescription I liase with the Specialist Pharmacy to create a prescription personalized to your individual hormone requirements. 



Once we have agreed on which hormones and the specific dosing required for your individual needs. I will send a prescription to the pharmacy, who will arrange with you regarding payment for and delivery. 


Private prescription will cost you between approximately £1 - 3 per day.