treatment Schedule

The importance of a treatment schedule

The aim of a treatment schedule is to establish a full understanding of your symptoms and create/manage an individualised programme to help balance your body's hormones.

Personalised consultations

I prefer to carry out meetings face to face at a private clinic, however I am also happy to consider a telephone / Skype consultation if feasible.  (please note that the Initial consultation and further reviews requiring additional bloods will need to be carried out face to face)

Preparation prior to consultation

Prior to our initial meeting I will ask you to complete a symptom questionnaire. This helps me determine if bio-identical therapy is likely to be of benefit for you.

Further reviews may require additional blood tests 1 week prior to appointments. 




(approx 1 hr)

A medical history and full review of your symptoms


Blood tests* to determine which hormone imbalance is affecting you


Arranging a pelvic baseline ultrasound* (if required)





(approx 30 mins)

Explanation of results in the context of your symptoms


Create an individualised programme to include the prescription of bio-identical hormones as well as lifestyle and dietary advice





(approx 30 mins)

Further reviews will be arranged as needed until we optimise your hormone balance, initially at six weeks and three months.  

These may require further blood tests*

Once symptoms are controlled, reviews will take place at 6 month intervals


*blood tests and pelvic baseline ultrasounds are charged separately (see "Investigations" below)


Hormone Testing

  • There are various blood profiles required depending upon your symptoms: 

    • Full Hormone Profile - from £180

    • Hormone Profile Lite - from £60

  • Blood tests will be arranged and taken during our consultations (or possibly at another time if required due to timing cycle) 

  • Hormone blood tests are required initially, for any bio-identical hormone dose adjustments, then annually once stable.


Pelvic Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound scan is required if we are using bio-identical hormones as a baseline, at 6 months, then annually. 

  • Costs are from £99 for full scan - details of local providers of this service can be supplied but not arranged by the clinic.


Following my assessment I will formulate a prescription and liase with the Specialist Pharmacy to create a prescription personalized to your individual hormone requirements. 


The pharmacy uses a substance called Diosgenin, which has been extracted from yams, to create the bioidentical hormones. There are various routes of administration, but most commonly we will use skin creams as our initial treatments.  


Once we have agreed on which hormones and the specific dosing required for your individual needs. I will send a prescription to the pharmacy, who will arrange with you regarding payment for and delivery. 


Private prescription will cost you between approximately £1 - 3 per day.